Forensic Informatics Services

While technological developments provide many benefits to institutions, organizations and individuals, it is inevitable that criminals use these technologies.

In this context, all kinds of cybercrimes encountered are detected by our Forensic Informatics Engineers. The detected evidence is examined and analyzed in the forensic informatics laboratory. It is reported as a result of its analysis.

Expert Report
We write expert reports with our engineers who have legal experience in legal and technical investigations required in forensic cases.
Expert Comment
We write expert opinions requested in judicial and administrative investigations as a result of anomalous events occurring in the cyber world.
Electronic Evidence Examination
In recent years, we have adapted to the diversity of digital materials and provide electronic evidence examination, analysis and reporting services on all data storage machines and their equipment.
Data Recovery
Your deleted or inaccessible data from all types of hard and portable disks, mobile phones, USB sticks, memory cards and other data storage devices can be recovered by our professional data recovery team.